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I started this blog a couple years ago as a way to continue my study of dance after college. I continue to blog (as I’m able) mostly for myself, to explore topics of interest to me and to force myself to do research and study that supports each exploration.

Of course by choosing a public forum for my writing, it’s also my intention to share my thoughts and ideas (and sometimes news about dance) with others. I do not assert that my opinions should be held above others in the field and do not make any claims on the quality of my writing. I simply choose to share my blog in the hopes of sparking even a small amount of discourse, study, interest, recognition, or support in others. (Read more about my philosophy on dance and this blog on the “My Philosophy” page.)

I prefer to keep my blog open-ended – focused on the world inside and outside of contemporary dance but open to discussing various topics and issues within this focus. Such diverse topics regarding dance could include: funding, education, relationship, to other art forms, audience engagement, choreographic trends, etc. See the “Categories” list in the right sidebar for frequent themes and quick access to related posts.

In addition to common themes, I have a few types of recurring posts:

  • Book Reviews: quick summaries and reviews of various dance books
  • Non-reviews: discussion inspired by a particular performance but not a review/criticism of the performance
  • Dance on YouTube: showcase of various online dance videos
  • SYTYCD: posts specifically discussing the TV show So You Think You Can Dance

Please note:

  • I do not write dance performance critiques/reviews nor promote shows or events on this blog.
  • On a case by case basis, I may review books on request or use a particular event as a basis for discussion.

For those that end up reading this page, I truly hope you enjoy reading my blog and are able to get something out of it. All are encouraged to join the discussion by commenting on the posts. And if you do enjoy the blog, please share it with others (easy social media buttons located at the bottom of each post) and subscribe with your email in the sidebar so that you will be notified when new material is posted.

*Final disclaimer: I make no promises on the frequency of my writing. Especially as I begin grad school in fall 2012, I will do my best to continue posting but make no guarantees.

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  1. Friederike Buczyk

     /  July 12, 2016

    Hello Meagan, I hope your doctoral studies are going well. I stumbled upon your blog while trying to find out where the saying “Dance is the language of the soul,’ came from. I read your “Philosophy about dance” with great interest. I haven’t been much into dance until a year ago since our daughter organizes a monthly dance event. Maybe you are touching on something very important needed in our present society where words seem not to be able to solve the conflicts. One of my life’s teachers, she has been talking a lot about us women spearheading a “culture of heart”. Dance might be very important. All the best in all your endeavors and thank you for sharing your thoughts on your blog. Sincerely, Frieda


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  • Meagan Bruskewicz

  • Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
    -Martha Graham

    One of my aims is to present questions rather than answers. -Paul Taylor

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