So You Think You Can Dance: Getting to the heart of the matter

Now that Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance has come to a close and the confetti has settled since Lauren Froderman’s crowning in the season finale, I’d like to wrap up my reflection with one final post on the show for this summer. Previously I discussed the good, the bad, and the utterly frustrating with 15 reasons why dancers do not like the show and conversely a list of 10 positive aspects of the show. While I’ve enjoyed focusing on the quality of the show in these posts, what I’d really like to do is get to the heart of the matter and think critically about what it all means. Like, is it ok to hate the show? Is it really a big deal? And most importantly, what are we (particularly those in concert dance) supposed to do about it? By exploring the issues of perception, impact, and response, I hope to move from “utterly frustrating” to understanding and acting. Or at the very least, I hope to come to terms with how I regard this crazy phenomenon that is So You Think You Can Dance.

Perception: Is it ok to hate SYTYCD?

In short, yes, it’s ok, but ill feelings toward the show are really just wasted feelings. At least that’s what I’ve come to discover. See, I used to hate So You Think You Can Dance. Just hated it. To me the cons outweighed the pros, and the annoying aspects far overshadowed the few possible redeeming qualities. I hated the judges’ comments, the popularity voting, the dance choices, the belittling of my beloved art form to a shallow cheese-fest. I would get riled-up just at the mention of the show in conversation. And the few times I was forced to watch (while visiting the residence of a regular viewer), I would cope with many an eye roll and inner monologue of snide comments.

Since then, I have come to better appreciate the decent aspects of the show. But mostly I came to the realization that being mad at the show was pointless and possibly unacceptable. Why? 2 reasons. (more…)

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